If You Want to be A Winner Work With A Winner

Russ Johnson is a Network Marketing Professional—A Multiple Million Dollar Earner

  • I have more than 36 years of successful experience building organizations of successful people.
  • I have mentored thousands of independent distributors in Network Marketing companies selling professional services and health and wellness products.
  • I have written two books that give independent business owners skills that are essential for building successful businesses.
  • I make a point of staying up-to-date on the changing trends in the home-based business area and in Network Marketing specifically.
  • Whether you are currently in a business or thinking of joining one, I can help you get the advantage you need.

I achieved a Ph.D. in Communications and have used that education to mentor others in the art of effective business and personal communication.

I trained and managed large groups of sales and marketing personnel in both traditional brick and mortar business models and in Newtork Marketing and MLM business models.

I built downline organizations numbering in tens of thousands in service companies and in health and wellness product companies. I know the challenges you face and I know how to meet and beat those challenges.

My passion is developing systems that enhance the success of all my team members. These systems provide the step-by-step processes that Network Marketers need to build their own profitable organizations. They answer the "How do I..." questions that baffle most network marketers.

These are not theoretical ideas—They are proven practices.

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